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PartyCasino is an online casino first launched in 1997 under the name Starluck Casino before relaunching again in 2006 as a fully integrated platform. The casino offers over 500 games ranging from casino classics like Blackjack and Roulette to a wide variety of online slots.

A player mentioned, "I joined PartyCasino in September 2019. After winning big and consistently I asked my account manager to disable the reverse withdrawal function. I was told that this function is not available. A few months passed and I had a new account manager. When I asked my new account if this function can be disabled, they said yes with no hesitation. They also said that this function has always been available. I was shocked that this function could be disabled, even though I was told the payments team could not do it. I then asked my new account manager how much I reversed from the initial time I asked to present and I was astonished at the amount (more than a couple of £k). I have filed an official complaint and have also got advice from the Gambling Commission. Very dishonest and unethical from Party, I asked for restrictions to be placed on my account and nothing was done about it."


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Alvis Balodis says

"I have this habit to spare 20 euros each month to try out random online casinos... Not gonna lie - the 'no wager' description is false , and the 'live' casinos didn't seem to be really "Live" . Don't recommend this one."

Amymatts says

"Never got up from my deposit always losin bad site no bonuses stay clear I will be not god at all if I could mark it nil I would"

iulian florin Spirache says

"I deposit 3 days ago £20 and I'm try to login in my account and I have a message telling me my account has been suspended I'm trying to contact them but no answer I want my £20 back this casino you know it's absolutely ridiculous I mention I sent them an email and still no answer anyone it has an idea how to take my money back?"

Pupaza Adrian says

"The worst ever !! Sometimes i win at other casinos , but this one ,etas money continuously . INCREDIBLY STUPID AND POOR !!!!"

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