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PartyCasino is an online casino first launched in 1997 under the name Starluck Casino before relaunching again in 2006 as a fully integrated platform. The casino offers over 500 games ranging from casino classics like Blackjack and Roulette to a wide variety of online slots.

A player mentioned, "I joined PartyCasino in September 2019. After winning big and consistently I asked my account manager to disable the reverse withdrawal function. I was told that this function is not available. A few months passed and I had a new account manager. When I asked my new account if this function can be disabled, they said yes with no hesitation. They also said that this function has always been available. I was shocked that this function could be disabled, even though I was told the payments team could not do it. I then asked my new account manager how much I reversed from the initial time I asked to present and I was astonished at the amount (more than a couple of £k). I have filed an official complaint and have also got advice from the Gambling Commission. Very dishonest and unethical from Party, I asked for restrictions to be placed on my account and nothing was done about it."


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GmVIP Gamer says

"Avoid - customer service is horrendous - rude, unhelpful and arrogant ! Was doing very well with them and still only depositing small amounts ( for me). Until I got the rudest Social Responsibility email that was offensive and naive. Instead of thanking me for my custom I felt like a criminal ! My net worth is high yet they treated me like scum and demanded my payslips, employers name and personal work details !!!! If you are an experienced high net worth gamer - keep away!"

Chris Lee says

"Not even a star! £160 no bonus no win. Completely took it! DO NOT PLAY WITH THESE ROBBERS"

Ismael says

"Worst casino ever, they won't give me my winnings because apparently I also had an account in another sister company of theirs.. Please do not play her you will never get your winnings"

Andrew Turner says

"Play on a few sites and to land the bonus's on this site was hard and when you did they paid v small got the bonus on millionaire about 15 times biggest win was 50 odd pounds. lowest with 5 scatters was £2.75 I even had 0ne with all dead spins most yh. S games I managed to bonus paid between 2 and 20 pounds on 60p-80p stakes it's impossible to be that unlucky somethings amiss stay clear is my advice"

Franny Wydra says

"Absolutely horrendous what they do to people they let you play and put loads of your own money in with no problem.. once you win a fairly decent amount accounts locked and suspended with pending withdrawals that I personally won. Customer support doesn’t give a crap and gets back to you days and weeks after this is people’s money your tampering with !! Not right at all highly do not recommend playing on here there’s no point if you win you can’t have your money anyway ha! I’ve never heard of being able to play and do whatever for a prolonged period of time with no problems and once you try to cash out your entitled winnings they lock you out and you have to basically give a urine sample to get the money you deserve and won fair and square. Something is definitely not right with this online casino!!"

Monique says

"PLEASE stay away from this website. They have a very sneaky way of slowly taking away all your money and there are absolutely NO winnings on this website. I’ve lost more than 10,000£ and my friends even more! Avoid them at ALL costs."

Jake Whitehead says

"£250 on book of dead!hit the bonus £30 🤣 bye!"

Paul M stevens says

"If there was a zero I'd put it the worst ever . You might win 40-50 .after your first deposit amount if 100. But after that its like daylight robbery. . Dont matter what game you play .they just take and take with very little winning in return .the worst by far ."

MyName IsJanett says

"Never again."

Neil Park says

"What a rubbish waste of money spent 700 pounds on this game and gave me nothing biggest win 40 pounds but put 60 on"

FlowerPower says

"Bad company, i do not recommend. Bad customer service 0 help. They didn’t give me the free spins promised after depositing the required amount. Scammers"

Adele says

"Terrible company who restrict customers when they win and do not provide any valid reason for doing so, just "we reserve the right to suspend Your use of certain of our Facilities, Platforms or any games on our Platforms from time to time." The customer service is also shocking and I'm not surprised by the other comments of a similar nature on here. Recommendation = avoid at all costs."

Charlie says

"Been a member now for 2 months and have deposited £600 in total playing 20p/40p stakes and never won a penny back, matter of fact never even got over the amount i first deposited, it just eats money, STAY AWAY!!!"

Steve Croft says

"First thing is first I’m signed up to over 10 online casinos. Don’t win all the time on many lol but I have never had a bad run like this casino. On sign up I did very well getting around £200 in winnings. Over about a 3 months period I’ve put in £3000 on 20p stakes and won nothing other than a £10 Bono here and there . Can’t really understand how this casino is so big and popular with streamers also when the rtp is this bad. Payouts came to my bank The same day as withdrawal Was made which is the highlight of this online casino but other than that I think anyone looking to play should go elsewhere . Cheers guys. Just a little to add on... I have tried to close my account here , but on re-trying to log in it allows to to re-open without anything or messages or barrier to stop me . Even though I closed indefinitely !!!!This site is extremely dangerous to those with gambling issues who can’t help but attempt to get back online to gamble . I’ve have spoken with the chat etc at party casino and they have no answer . Please be careful when betting , sites like these are very bad for the vunreble few who try to get away but can’t . I’m not going to advise casinos that I personally prefer but I will once again state do not play at this casino guys. Although I don’t have an issue gambling people who do will be stuck with this site and will not get the justified help needed. Many thanks"

Shabbir Mohammad says

"stay very far away from this party casino as this company is using different names in other websites and stealing deposits from customers and taking advantage it actually happened to me and they did the same thing. so what I would recommend everyone is to stay away from online casinos as it has increased a lot of fraud activities and these companies are taking advantage of innocent customers."

partyripyouoff says

"party casino is by far the worst casino iv played at. it used to be really good, but lately, eother a glitch, or it automatically logs out out during game play or crashes. its next to impossible to get a win. I'm pretty sure they are fidling with the RTP on the website. 5,000 down now after trying to win anything. bones features come in on a blue moon, and then you will be lucky to get 10x, most pay 0x or 1-2x. the megways games are rigged. examples are, diamond mine, got 22 free slins, 18 of thrm was dead spins... doghouse megaways, again, 4 scatters which is 18 free spins, 12 was dead spins. there is loads more aswell. its a complete joke of a casino. I have emailed the gamblin commission to report the casino for unfair game play, as somthing is going on behind closed doors."

Nick Bromley says

"I have now been caught out by ‘this crowd’ as well. Free spins they say on deposit of $50, didn’t receive, asked for help, told me technical difficulties, resolved within 24 hours. It wasn’t, this went on for a week of request for help and all I got was ‘sorry we didn’t target you for that bonus’?!? Umm, yes you did because you gave me a code, which was a correct code,but because they didn’t ’target me for it’ then I’m apparently making up codes which I just happen to guess correctly?!?, then asked me for a screen shot to prove it?!?!? Really bad service, never got the free spins so I’m out, so so bad, avoid at all costs!!!! Unless of course you want to screenshot your whole experience ’just in case’."

Damo Damo says

"Dreadful I would not bother using this site truly disgraceful avoid it use a known provider not these offshore scams"

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